Monday, March 26, 2012

Get Your Dunkin Monday

Well the weekend is over. I'm beat. We were in the final days of a big sale, so needless to say I worked a lot and ran around a lot, and dealt with crappy customers...a lot. I did, however have a lovely day yesterday. An early breakfast at the 17th St. Cafe, picked up a case of wine and cooked for my lady, her friends, and my lil sis. I made a baked penne pasta with roasted vegetables, it turned out okay (they liked it a lot), I think next time I'll make the sauce from scratch before using something out of a jar. They always under season that stuff. As for today I'm working on comedy and voice over stuff.

Here are your highlights:

Trayvon Martin case becomes complicated with the ludicrous "stand your ground" law

After a rough couple of years, Tiger Woods wins again

Balloon Juice redesign

Remembering Bert Sugar

Possible hate crime in San Diego

The Supreme Court hears the health care debate...get ready to be disappointed

Wal-Mart trying to move into LA Chinatown


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