Friday, March 9, 2012

Get Your Dunkin Friday

Well, after much sweating, prayer and headaches I GOT TEH PROMOTION!! It's not as big of a jump as I'd like, but it's more responsibility, more hours, still allows me to audition and most importantly, pay. Good things. Good times. This hopefully means I can start saving up for our wedding which around the corner. Groomsmen gifts, parents' gifts, BRIDE gift and so on and so forth. As for the politics, above is a video that explains Mitt Romney's problem so well. He kids in a way that's only appealing to the richest of rich. Us real folk can smell the stink of fake pretty darn well *hackspit. Romney is full of fake. Lastly, and also toos, I've got a skit to record today, looking forward to it. Hopefully comedy fame ensues!!

Here are your highlights:

Employment numbers and positive signs

What's really "radical and bizarre"? The Breitbart clowns and their zealous pursuit of untruths

Grading Obama

Manny Pacquiao is Wesley Snipes?

The Republicans are writing their obituary over birth control, really, John Boehner is terrible at his job


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