Monday, February 13, 2012

Trans-Atlantic Throwdown - Episode 10: Best of 2011

A mere seven or eight weeks since 2012 began, Paddy and Frank have finally navigated the scheduling difficulties of working multiple jobs on opposite ends of the country and bring you a summary of all the stuff they liked best about 2011. Better late than never! With help from contributors Greg, iDan, Petey Pablo, Sara and Tom, the guys recap the best in music, movies, and life events. Featuring music from Boris, Feist, Graf Orlock, TV on the Radio, Caveman, Real Estate, Girls, and others. As an added bonus, this episode comes chock full of horrible impressions of James Blake and Bon Iver, “best of” lists made by people who don’t even know the Beastie Boys and New Found Glory were still alive, and moon colonies.

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