Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Get Your Dunkin Tuesday

So we're back in Chicago! And we've already come to the conclusion that we've become "soft." It's cold here, but our old Chicagoan-selves would be calling the current weather "warm." It's funny how after only 7 months in Santa Monica I have no desire to relocate somewhere cold if I don't have to...no seriously. The first weekend of Pre-Canna is complete, I'll spare you the details. We did meet some lovely people though, and it's great to be thinking in four months I'll be a married man.

Here are your highlights:

The new war is on the GIRL SCOUTS!

Let the "too much regulation" crowd have an inch they'll send us right back to economic downfall

Will Obama win by a landslide?

What not to do, Greece

HAM, your must read of the day by Drifty


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