Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Get Your Dunkin Tuesday

Finally TAT is here! Did you listen yesterday, if so thanks bunches, if not listen today! Paddy and I had a ton of fun recording this episode especially with the help of some of our awesome listeners. Check it out and enjoy! As for me, I've got an audition today gonna do my best Linsanity impression. Then we're off to Chicago on Thursday for over a week. Looking forward to being in the ole city, doing our Jesus camp and seeing a couple of buddies. Oh crap...it's gonna be cold.

Here are your highlights:

Obama playing with the GOP over contraception

Dinner idea for tonight, Salmon

Romney quote, so much insight! 

Pew Pew

Profiting off of our prison industrial complex...Private prison company offers to buy 48 states’ prisons


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