Thursday, February 23, 2012

Get Your Dunkin Thursday

Yesterday were our tastings for both the desserts and the wedding dinner. Wow. I'm still full. Overall, it was a great experience finally trying out menu items, figuring out what we liked and didn't like...surprisingly enough I enjoyed the dessert tasting the most. I'm no sweets guy, but trying six different cakes and a ton of cookies was a heckuva way to spend a Wednesday. It all seems to be coming together quite well. We also were allowed, a last minute walk around of the event space for our reception. It was our first time seeing the venue at night and it was breathtaking. I think it's safe to say, the party is going to rock!

Here are your highlights:

Watch and vote for "What's Your Story" at the White House site, the finalist all have such amazing stories to tell, enjoy!

Specious Free Exercise Arguments Can’t Hide the War on Contraception

Joyce Manor to tour

This is infuriating in how silly the argument is, Blaming Minorities shouldn't get your case to the Supreme Court

Romney in it to win it...for the 1%

Santorum's not so shining moment



Paddy K said...

The fact that most Catholics don't follow the Church's teachings on contraception is irrelevant -- Catholics lie, cheat, steal, take communion without having gone to confession, and fail to fast during Lent too -- but it's nice to see someone actually refer to actual SCOTUS precedent and case history in defense of their argument rather than "the bishops' teachings are stupid" and he makes some very good arguments.

As far as a "war on contraception" goes, this is just nonsense. The real "war", if we must use ridiculous military metaphors, is the GOP vs. Obama. A huge part of the GOP base is comprised of Protestants; almost all Protestant denominations ceased to condemn artificial contraception in the 1930's. If contraception was actually under threat in any general or widespread way, this would get no traction. The GOP is simply seizing on any stick with which to beat the Obama administration, and this conflict is an ideal way for the GOP to beat Obama over the head with "religious liberty."

The actual nuanced discussion of where my religious liberty and your access to goods/services/healthcare collide are lost in the mix.

Asian-American Pundit said...