Monday, February 13, 2012

Get Your Dunkin Monday

"Wow. Whitney Houston." That's what I said when I first received the news on Saturday. Another icon, her life tragically ended too soon. I kept thinking to myself about specific moments in my life when her songs played and how it immediately took me back. What's astounding about Whitney Houston is that world-wide hundreds of millions of people could do the same. That's Whitney Houston's legacy. I still remember her rendition of the national anthem before the Super Bowl. We heard nothing like it before and nothing even close since, it was how the sung was to be sung. It's always sad to hear about an icon's passing, her unfortunate decline, but I'll remember Whitney Houston for her voice and presence. One that artists long after I'm gone will still be attempting to emulate without coming close.

Here are your highlights:

Punked and Clueless, is the GOP really going to drag out the contraception battle?

Mitt Romney is a spoiled child who WANTS THE PRESIDENCY NOW!

Wall St. teh turds

In case you missed it, Pete Spend It Not

Budgets, the difference


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