Monday, February 6, 2012

Get Your Dunkin Monday

The Giants did it again! Incredible, but sadly predictable, that's what they did all year...except against the Redskins. This obviously means the Redskins are the Ultimate Super Bowl Champions for defeating the Giants twice in the season! It was clear not having a healthy Gronkowski and a poor secondary killed the Patriots and a few crucial drops at the end hurt their chances late, but Eli did his Eli thing. He was cool as a cucumber back there and Manningham made a phenomenal catch to seal the win. Exciting game which is really all I wanted to see. It was a heckuva weekend for sports, Boxing, UFC, controversy? A great start to 2012!

Here are your highlights:

Five Political Ads Featuring Asians Dancing On America’s Grave aka Racist

Boxing Round-Up by Dougie

I keep saying this Ron Paul is a loon, Something Something Ron Paul


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MojoRider said...

ha! yeah, the Skins beat the Giants twice and came SO close to upsetting the Patriots. Of course I joke, but it's funny to just throw that out there to people to follow that thread...!