Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Get Your Dunkin Wednesday

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I have an interview today. I'm not confident as I have to go to Chicago when they want me to start work, however making it past the phone call is a positive sign. Gotta be positive! As for the State of the Union last night, you can read all my rants and jokes on Twitter. I had a fun time, thanks to Asian Pacific Americans for Progress for setting up the hashtag. I, also wanted to say, I made the mistake of going to Facebook after the friends there make me teh sad. Maybe we deserve Gingrich as president...I kid...that would be AWFUL. Obama 2012!

Here are your highlights:

Watch the State of the Union, in case you missed it

This is what I deal with daily as an Asian-American actor

Congrats to Steve Benen as he moves onto the Rachel Maddow Show!

A graph making it simple, Obama jobs

Mitch Daniels fail

Cool as a cucumber, that's how I would describe Barack Obama last night, especially after finding out he ordered a Navy SEAL rescue in Somalia. I think anyone who says the president is "weak" at this point should be laughed out of the room.