Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Get Your Dunkin Tuesday

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(Thoughts and prayers out to Mark Kirk and his family)

Mitt, Mitt and more Mitt. Wanna know why Mitt Romney didn't want to release his tax records? He made more money during a recession than there are unemployed people in America....he has millions to spare, so much so he had it stashed in Swiss bank accounts...until it was totally taboo to do such a thing. When people say Romney is out of touch, this is what they mean. He's a Richie Rich. A product of nepotism, a vulture capitalist and he's proof of everything that is terribly wrong in our tax system. There's nothing presidential about taking advantage of every loop hole, while having the audacity to joke that you're "unemployed."

Here are your highlights:


John Wayne...sometimes it's better for actors to simply leave behind their movies

Tennessee Tea Party, what slavery?

Amaaaazing, license plate

Inflation is fine

Rick Santorum is "Pro-Rape", I don't know how else to interpret this...


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