Thursday, December 8, 2011

Get Your Dunkin Thursday

It's almost the weekend...for those of you who don't work on weekends. Me, I'm working. Hard to believe the year is almost over. Lots to look forward to next year. As for this year, we're heading to Chicago for one night then the lady's childhood home. Somehow I rigged that while working retail. I've got a call to hop on, hopefully I'll be able to share what it's about later today or tomorrow.

Here are your highlights:

Give your spirits more spirit

The GOP continues its attacks on consumers

5 Old-Timey Movie Prejudices - I'm not sure how to fix this, except to keep writing with hopes people will embrace diversity in cinema

Pee Party, thank you Daily Show

JPMorgan Chase is run by a sociopath. He also is Confused. Aren't these guys supposed to be the "smartest" men in the room?


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