Thursday, December 1, 2011

Get Your Dunkin Thursday

Woah. I missed a day? I had to work in the morning, so apologies I was late to work had zero coffee and no time to write this here thing. I'm working on the last bits of TAT which will then be posted tomorrow. It's December 1st, can you believe that? Soon enough Paddy K and I will be doing our end of year lists. So start gathering your favorites and maybe we will read them over the internets! Bieber. All day everyday Bieber, best album, best song...

Here are your highlights:

Southern California infrastructure...not so good. It got a bit windy.

Your cellphone might be spying on you

Unemployment benefits for Christmas

I hate Chase Bank, you should too

Kentucky church disproves post-racial anything. They want that whole icky interracial marriage thing to stop. Darn nabbit!


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