Friday, December 16, 2011

From the Mix Tape - The Seven Mile Journey

(from the previous release "The Journey Studies")

From the label:

The Seven Mile Journey is a quartet from the northern parts of Denmark that operates within the wide ranges of the post-rock genre. The band settled on its current name back in 1999 and released a demo cd in 2001 followed by the debut album “The Journey Studies” in 2006, and their second album “The Metamorphosis Project” in 2008.

The music of The Seven Mile Journey has always been signified by instrumental storytelling that through captivating soundscapes, dynamic changes and long intense passages invites the listener into absorption, which is also the core on the bands 3rd album “Notes for the Synthesis”.

Everything about this band, everything they play I'm immediately drawn to; it's raw, emotional and the musicianship is incredible. The Seven Mile Journey. The band name. Is Perfect. Each song, carefully crafted taking you on a symphonic ride that is in itself a journey. I know I sound a bit fan boyish, but it isn't often I can sit down and be moved by a band every listen. Perhaps it's my mood this time of year, I'm always in this mindset to discover a "winter soundtrack", the Seven Mile Journey so happens to be my 2011 "winter soundtrack."

Visit their site here. Their label site allows you to preview their latest release "Notes for the Synthesis." Enjoy!

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