Wednesday, December 7, 2011

From the Mix Tape - Benton Falls

I've been writing a lot late at night. It seems to be the best time for me creatively. Throughout the process I search for music that inspires or centers my mind. Songs that bring me back to certain places mentally, so I can channel the mood or feeling that I want specific characters to convey. I know it all sounds ridiculous. I agree, don't get me wrong, but it's what I have to do for whatever reason to put my ideas to puter.

Through my search I stumbled upon an album that I had forgotten A) How rockin it was and B) How it helped me grieve and grow. Benton Falls was there for me. Emo. Yes, but I don't care. At the moment in my life when this album was released I was regressing. Unsure of myself, I felt it best to drink, conform and try to escape the tragedy of years past. And so when I first had the opportunity to listen to this album in its entirety I was blown the eff away.

It was raw. It was emotional. It was melodic. It was where I was. And tonight I jammed out to it with the reminder of how far I've come.

2001 was a long damn time ago.

Can you name an album that's done the same for you?

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