Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Get Your Dunkin Wednesday

I'm beat, but I'm not down! Why? Well after a bad day on the truck (slow) and an awkward audition where they wanted a Chinese (Mandarin speaking, I don't speak Mandarin) scientist, I realized it's all part of the game. That's just how it goes out here. So to take more initiative I'm getting my learn on. I'll be studying more, hitting the library and doing some observing to improve my own acting skillz. And and and hopefully then I won't be sent on auditions that make absolutely no sense more me. I hope. My Dad and older brother get in town in a couple of days, it's gonna be RAGE-tastic.

Here are your highlights:

Goldman Sachs board member indicted for insider trading

Reality v GOP talking point, guess who wins?

If you can't beat them, MAKE SURE THEY CAN'T VOTE

John Beck thinking extra practice is a good thing for the Redskins. Agreed

Asians behaving badly: Mayor Jean Quan of Oakland takes the side of the police who tear gassed Occupy Oakland protesters

Felix Salmon, I am the 99%


Fall Fund Drive: Please donate if you can & thank you for being awesome!

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