Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Get Your Dunkin Wednesday

I'm a bit fatigued, not gonna lie. I finally had a day off on Monday and spent most of it cleaning the apartment. Yesterday I worked a double, today I was supposed to work another double...luckily I don't have to and am only working tonight. Apologies for missing yesterday's Dunkin, I was rushing about and just ran out of time to read anything. Today I'm here ready to RAGE. There's a lot of stupid out there, be safe, read facts, ignore nonsense and most of all continue being awesome. My Pops & older bro are coming to visit next week. Looking forward to it!

Here are your highlights:

"Moderates", I must remind you Obama doesn't have a magic wand over our asinine Congress

Occupy Wall St. popular and so are their demands to tax the rich

Google Unwraps Ice Cream Sandwich

It's a little too early to tell who the GOP nominee will be

David Brooks eviscerated

The Songs That Scare You, TAT bait


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