Monday, October 3, 2011

Get Your Dunkin Monday

I have a six day work week ahead of me...not kidding. It's gonna be interesting to see how I hold up. So the Redskins won...barely...REX GROSSMAN!! Okay by now the Shanahans should know well and good that Rex will throw an interception every game. So why is it with the lead and a solid running game all day (Welcome back Torain Train!), do you throw the ball on 3rd and 3?!!!! UGH!!!! That games was way too close for comfort. Hopefully in the bye week, we fix some of that least we're on top of the division and our defense is still clutch. Phew. Okay now off to work. Hail to the Redskins!!!

Here are your highlights:

Thanks to Matt Filipowicz for the video above of Occupy Wall St in Boston

Republican voter restriction, if you can't win an election just stop people from voting...

The contempt for the "unemployee"

My Daddy's Hunting Camp

My current diet, Patenting PB & J

Corporate crimes at Koch Industries, but but BUT they are Real Uhmerikans! Corporations are people! OR they aren't because people get prosecuted for their crimes...well poor people do at least....umm this is fishy and I'm glad Bloomberg did their job


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MojoRider said...

Regarding Grossman, in the words of John Riggins, "We know who he is." Apparently the Shanahans don't. The Diesel also says that he doesn't think that you can help Grossman improve in the areas of turnovers. He is what he is...a competent QB, but not elite, that will make bad decisions at times.

But go figure, the Skins are on top this week. It seems like the entire NFC East is up for grabs. Best of all, Dallas blew a huge lead. Apparently, Tony Romo is not an elite QB either!