Friday, October 21, 2011

Get Your Dunkin Friday

Rough night. Long day at work. I seem to be running on empty the last two days. I tried to sleep in today, however construction and trucks. Lots of trucks. Great bit of background noise for a deadline I have for a voice over gig. Woohoo! FML. It's Friday, so for a lot of you it's the start of the weekend. My weekend isn't till Tuesday. Do I sound teh sad? I feel teh sad.

Here are your highlights:

Obama announces troop withdrawal from Iraq, it's about damn time

Maybe, just maybe our press is learning, Republicans block another Jobs bill

Slow uptrend?

Hands on with Ice Cream Sandwich

HBO developing a "Small Wonder" like show with Asians?

One thing you can't deny about Obama, love or hate him, our president has a good heart


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