Friday, October 7, 2011

Get Your Dunkin Friday

Well yesterday was a nice day off of writing. I banged out 20 more pages on my script and it really started moving. I was up late, but it was worth it. I have to work all weekend at my other part-time job. Training. Stocking. And what not. All of that nature, such as. Also too, it feels like fall here which is a pleasant surprise. I'm listening to Saves the Day and Thrice today trying to feel like I'm in high school again when both bands excited me. What bands do that for you? Have a great Friday!

Here are your highlights:

Republicans find their voice: turns out it's whiny

JOURMALISM, Erin Burnett Should Just Apologize

Pre-cut fruit salad now on the food recall list

I don't care for Halloween, now though I might just dress up as THIS

No wonder the GOP is dying for another candidate, Only 54% can name one

Unemployment rate still at 9.1%, the jobs numbers broken down. I was lucky enough to find two part-time gigs. Not everyone is so lucky. In fact the way Congress looks, it's gonna stay like this for the rest of the year. And that's terrible news for our country. Maybe we could hire back some of those government jobs....that "aren't real jobs"?


Fall Fund Drive: Please donate if you can & thank you for being awesome!

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