Thursday, September 8, 2011

Heading to Illinois

Obama was in full campaign mode tonight. Here are some of the reactions. If you saw Obama's speech tonight and compare that to last night's GOP debate, it's not even close. When he's on, he's hard to beat, even with this economy. He also urged Congress to "pass this now" repeatedly, a direct challenge to the do-nothing GOP Congress. It doesn't have a Hail Mary's chance of passing, but it's going to be hard for Republicans to explain why they did nothing when people are still suffering in 2012. Also too, I like the name "American Jobs Act." Freedom fries and all that (as for the plan, I'll let the wonks look at it, but I would've preferred more shovel-ready talk and less tax cuts talk). You asked for a fight, Obama was definitely in a fighting mood.

The lady and I are headed to Central Illinois for a wedding, then Chicago for the rest of next week. Limiting blogging will ensue. Have an opinion about the speech? Plans to get jobs going? Sound off here, if you like.

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