Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Get Your Dunkin Wednesday

(hilarious video from the talented "Drunk Kitchen" gal, h/t Sophismata)

Wow, work work and more work. I'm strapped today. I'll be in Studio City serving up lunch off the truck and then I have an audition for a play in North Hollywood. I also decided to add one more part-time job to my rotation. So count me among the under employed, employed demographic. Combined it will hopefully be 32 hours...we'll see. I have the next three days off though, so that's great. I'm going to hunker down and finish writing a project and maybe start a new one as well.

Here are your highlights:

Budget issues and lawsuits loom in California

A lesson in self-awareness, Eric Cantor wants his FEMA money NOW!

Herman Cain goes after big issues

You know those guys with expertise? They think Obama's jobs plan would help

They can't stop the trainwreck, Red Dawn the remake is coming...


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