Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Get Your Dunkin Wednesday

We're in Chicago! My lady is at the office doing her due diligence. Tomorrow we shoot our engagement pictures, meet with the wedding planner and hang out with my cousins. Today I think I'm going to hit up a food place or two that I don't get in Santa Monica. I'm heading downtown, you folks enjoy your day!

Here are your highlights:

Your Special Election Punditry

What won't the Chinese faux? Angry Birds is the latest

Fox News hates paper clips!

Lose a House seat, gain a Senate seat - Elizabeth Warren is in the game, get involved!

About that federal aid to disaster victims...Republicans Hate People

Must Read of the Day: Why Supply Side Economics Won't Solve the Current Economic Malaise


P.S. Safe travels to Paddy K, he and his family are traveling across the Atlantic to make their new home stateside. We're excited for their arrival and can't wait to see them in D.C., hopefully later this year.

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