Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Get Your Dunkin Wednesday

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It's gonna be a busy day of errands and chores for me today. We fly out late tomorrow night and I needs to get things in order. I also will be posting an interview with Colombian Necktie today or tomorrow, recording a skit with Matthew Filipowicz and going to the DMV. God help me. It's been hot in LA folks. Be safe!

Here are your highlights:

Five Ways to Save the Postal Service
, here's one idea: stop running it like a business

GOP candidates for president set to debate. A Question for All of Them

LaRon Landry to miss opener

Taping back the eyes of a model to look "Asian" I'm without words

Romney doesn't have an economic clue

This article was done by a friend. It's about nom nom food trucks and talks about the vending regulations, some slowing up the truck I'm to work for, "Street of Dreams"


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