Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Get Your Dunkin Tuesday

Live by Rex Grossman, Die by Rex Grossman. Last night against the Cowgirls, some of our flaws showed, but what was glaring to me was that Grossman is still Grossman. Badly timed interceptions, panic in the pocket and a fumble to end the game. And then there's Kyle Shanahan who with a lead and a power back like Tim Hightower, he decides to pass the ball...even more...AND DON'T get me started on Romo. If you ignore the fact he didn't get the ball in the end zone and had a mediocre game, well then you could work for ESPN and stay on his jock. RAGE! Oh well 2-1 ain't too shabby for a team I still expect to go 8-8.

Here are your highlights:

The Worst and Best of the Redskins v Cowboys game

Welp, this is extreme. Heckler calls Obama the "Anti-Christ"

Jon Stewart to GOP faithful "it's you"

You know, I thought I left those right here...20,000 missiles missing in Libya

Stimulus Tales

No shutdown this time and call me optimistic, but it looks like the Democrats stood their ground on this one and that's great news for our country.


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