Thursday, September 22, 2011

Get Your Dunkin Thursday

(h/t Mahablog)

Well it's been a busy week and it keeps getting busier. We had our second day out on the truck serving delicious eats to Valley peeps and they loved it. We've done a slow roll out the last two days, but tonight is the real first planned event. We're heading to Quebec in Hollywood tonight and hopefully we'll be churning out a ton of food. The owners are happy. The cooks are happy and I get to dance. So all is good. We were also invited to the Abbot Kinney Festival, a huge outdoor arts, music and rockin good time. Can't wait! I'll be trying to blog more at evenings to keep up with the daily happenings. Don't forget to write a review for the Matthew Filipowicz Show & the Trans-Atlantic Throwdown! Thanks XOXO - Frank

Here are your highlights:

GOP flirting with another possible shutdown this time over disaster relief funds
. How patriotic...

More controversy from the Murdoch Corp

We've come so far, Best Buy ad 1996

Fight weekend! Jon Jones v. Rampage Jackson, I'm thinking if Jones is healthy Jackson is in for a long long night.

The Great $16 Muffin Myth

A great video of Elizabeth Warren above discussing "class warfare", I caught this at the Mahablog, a wonderful read every post, Interconnections


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