Thursday, September 8, 2011

Get Your Dunkin Thursday

We fly to Central Illinois late tonight. RED EYE! Woohoo! I'm looking forward to a little stint in farm country and then Chicago for a couple of days. Home sweet kind of home. Tonight is the Obama Jobs Speech. My advice to the White House, if they ever listen to us lowly bloggers and I've said this before, GO BIG. If you think a compromise can be reached around $300 billion go for $700 billion and add in goodies. I mean shovel ready, fix schools, roads and bridges. I can name a few around here off the top of my head *cough Santa Monica Blvd, Lincoln *cough cough. There's no reason to propose something knowing the Republicans will reject it anyway, unless you propose the biggest plan meant to turn around the economy in the near future. Let's face it, we need it. Obama needs it to win. Oh, and he won't get help from our media. No matter what happens, they'll find a minute sliver from his speech or what someone else says and make it front page news. Never mind, the glaring unemployment number of 9% and the president being the only adult attempting to turn that around.

Here are your highlights:

The GOP presidential debate, the biggest loser was Reagan

Oliver Willis, Why I Criticize Obama

To Live and (Screen) Write in L.A.

Some insight to the speech, people will be disappointed if Obama doesn't show some fight (oh less bipartisan crap)

Bacon, Spinach & Eggs. Nom nom nom.

Quick points by Rude on the GOP debate last night. And the most disturbing moment was the conservative applause for Rick Perry's death bragging. The modern GOP's blood lust is sick. They should all be very Christian of them...


P.S. Rick Perry is no world beater.

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