Thursday, September 1, 2011

Get Your Dunkin Thursday

Well filming is today. The call times got pushed back to this afternoon which is fine, I'm just antsy to get started. It's gonna be a late night. I'm thinking 10 hrs at least. We'll see. This is the part though that I love. Yes it's a short film, but I get to work on my craft at these times. Cool stuff. I won't get too actory on yeah. In other news, Happy September (it's already here) in a week we'll be back in Chicago for a wedding. I'm looking forward to hitting up the ole city, seeing buddies, and family. Then back to LA and the food truck, hopefully some more auditions and fall football. YES!

Here are your highlights:

Obama's Job Speech moved to Sept. 8th, progressives have the vapors, the White House sees an opportunity, Boehner still a prick

As always, Stay Classy Fox News

White House releases cooooool new site page, We the People

NFCEast Predictions, my Redskins 7-9, that's plausible

Must Read: The consequences of scorched-earth policy making, Steve Benen explains the almost criminal like behavior of the Republican party. The extremism that almost caused another financial meltdown and how now they don't care who or what gets destroyed anymore...



Steve S said...

Break a leg and all that :). Can't wait to see the finished product!

MojoRider said...

good luck with the short film!

Things seem much different this year for the Skins. NO DISTRACTIONS! But the great unknown is at the QB position. At worst, they go 6-10, at best, 8-8. They're still in a tough division.

Asian-American Pundit said...

Thanks buddies!

@Mojo The Skins looks stable and that is a relief, sad that's how low the bar is lol. I think QB is still a big ? and I'm hoping for 8-8. I do like what I see thus far, definitely an improvement. It's gonna be an interesting season to watch!