Monday, September 26, 2011

Get Your Dunkin Monday

It was a crazy weekend. Busy and productive. I officially finished my first week at work and it was a major success. The truck rolled! Yesterday we were in Venice...oh Venice people. Always always always entertaining. It was fun rockin out all day, but I'm beat today. Not sure I got up this morning. Tonight is the Redskins v Dallas game, BEAT DALLAS!!! It's gonna be interesting which Dallas shows up and which Grossman shows up. He certainly can't start tonight's game like he did last week against the Cardinals. Dallas will make him pay. I'm excited to see our defense out there, hopefully with the main man LaRon Landry. Nobody on the team brings the kind of flare he does. Hail to the REDSKINS!! The Fall Fund Drive continues, things are tight in the house of Frank. IF you can please donate to help keep this blog rolling that'd be amazing. Thank you!

Here are your highlights:

Obama pew pews Perry

Speaking from experience this might be the scariest part of the application process, I'm glad more states are eliminating it, Cracking down on job-candidate credit checks

September jobs numbers, not promising, but some positives

Not often this happens, Mark Warner asks a good question

Ross Douthat, terrible person

Finally pulled the trigger and downloaded Spotify, I like

This is how the Right lies, all day everyday


Fall Fund Drive: Please donate if you can & thank you for being awesome!

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