Monday, September 19, 2011

Get Your Dunkin Monday

We're back in Cali! I'm fighting off a cold I caught while in Chicago. Hooray! I start work this week, finally and I'm looking forward to serving up some food truck awesome. It feels good to be back here after seeing our old stomping grounds. Chicago will always have a special place in our hearts. It was nice to remember how far we've come in only three months.

Here are your highlights:

President Obama laying out his plans for deficit reduction

Troops in Yemen open fire on demonstrators, killing dozens

Pat Robertson still a terrible human being

Best analysis of the Mayweather v. Ortiz fight I didn't link to yesterday

HAIL TO THE REDSKINS!!! It was a close one, one that last year we would've lost, but I'll take it. We showed resolve, heart and the Defense was aggressive till the end. I'm loving Ryan Kerrigan and with him and Orapko we've got a what looks to be a great d-end tandem. Five Observations from the Game.


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