Friday, September 16, 2011

Get Your Dunkin Friday

I'm exhausted. Yesterday was a long day; early morning engagement photos, meeting with wedding venue, visit to FedEx and then a great dinner at Blue 13. We shut down around 10 just after the Shore. I haven't watched Jersey Shore in a long time, since we're without cable, but it's still the same train wreck as ever. We head to the burbs today to see family and then tomorrow fly back to Santa Monica. It's been a quick and busy week, a nice reminder of how lovely Chicago is as a city. I will, however, be excited to get back to warmer weather and my own bed.

Here are your highlights:

The GOP tries to use Clinton-era tactics
with the Obama administration, "scandalous"

Pass the bill! Unemployment claims jump

Here's how I would spin things: GOP Congress still less popular than the President

Rick Perry stuck at 234

But Black People Govern Like This...TNC & Angry Black Lady tear into liberals who say terribly racist comments about Barack Obama and somehow think it's okay. On the flip side a sad take on our country, America as a Tragedy, it's hard to argue the truth.


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