Friday, September 2, 2011

Get Your Dunkin Friday

I'm exhausted from filming yesterday. Due to some traffic issues one of the actors was a couple of hours late. We didn't wrap till 1:30am. So it was a long day, apologies for sleeping in...okay not really. It's always interesting after I'm done filming because I want to get right back in there and do it again. I always think of something new or want to just one more take to make it perfect. Alas, that's not how it works. It was a fun time, I spit, I fake vomited, I stuck my hand in a vile...I'll spare the details...I'm glad I had the opportunity. I should have final footage by December and hopefully sooner. Thanks for the support everyone, this is just the beginning!

Here is your highlight:

Unemployment Report, it's not time for bipartisan committees or bipartisan "plans." It's time for a big, aggressive plan from our president that can turn our economy around. Austerity has failed, as we knew it would. We know the GOP has no intention of helping turn our country around. They've decided beating this president is more important than our country's health. It's the time the White House says that and looks them straight in the eye and says "Enough, already." Jobs, jobs, and jobs. Forget the racist assholes, forget the beltway media, forget the corporations, this is about the people. We're out here and we're beyond frustrated.


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