Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Get Your Dunkin Wednesday

Well we shoot tomorrow. Everything is confirmed. I'll be at a house in Rondondo Beach for 14 hours or so, doing what I do. I'm looking forward to it. Next week is a short one because of Labor Day and the lady and I are returning to Chicago for a wedding on Thursday. Well...we'll actually be in Central Illinois half of the week, boating, and what not, then that following Thursday we'll be getting engagement pictures. I'm thinking of posting outfit ideas on this here blog on Friday. Sounds like a good idea.

Here are your highlights:

Irene wasn't a walk in the park for rural areas

The rich can afford higher taxes evidence number 1,000,098,666

Hollywood's low tech background actors - I swear a couple of them look like Sully

College Football begins, 3 days till Michigan starts anew!

Is the bottom in housing prices staring us in the face?

If losing your job or being jobless wasn't enough, now conservatives want to kill COBRA subsidies. It's as if they have no clue what that means or they really just want people to suffer. I've been without health insurance for three months. I couldn't afford COBRA from my previous employer. I'm relatively healthy, however, the prospect of something happening has me on egg shells. BEST HEALTH CARE EVER!!! This kind of thinking by conservatives is not only bad for our economy, but quite the opposite of "compassionate conservatism."


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