Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Get Your Dunkin Wednesday

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Welp, the whole fam is okay. I checked in with my Dad and brothers everyone is okay. The earthquake did little but rattle frames on walls and give a scare for a few minutes. Crazy stuff. I hope everyone else is as lucky, no harm to anyone you know. It's weird that DC gets an earthquake right when I move to California. Coincidence? I think not! Last night was great as my sister, Tommy K and I went to see my buddy Brendan McGowan perform at a comedy show. The place was a hip movie theater downtown and included a great lineup of funny comedians. If you haven't seen Brendan McGowan though, take the time to see him live. One of the best storytellers I have seen. Period.

Here are your highlights:

Economists: GOP Cites Deeply Flawed CBS Report To Blame Debt On Obama

Education, couldn't agree with this quote more

McCain loves him some Qaddafi

As actor I find the stereotype of nerd in tech shop better than most

Samsung wins teh day

Fear Irene, just after the looks like a Category 3 Hurricane is headed the East Coast's way. Let's hope it dies down.


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