Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Get Your Dunkin Wednesday

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It's hump day...and I have four days till shoot! It's amazing how fast things comes about. We had our second and final rehearsal last night and it was a blast. Lots of laughing, lots of improving and a good time to figure out our characters and their relationships. It's a short film, not a feature or even television, but it's where we get to hone our craft and it's probably my favorite part of the process. I hope I can share it with you all in the future. On the work front, the food truck is set back another week. I can't wait to get started, hand out some delicious eats and figure the layout of this town. Half way through the week folks, rock on!

Here are your highlights:

The same day MSNBC touts the Tea Party, they are at their lowest approval

Was it all worth it in, Wisconsin? Answer YES! Momentum.

Coooool, pictures from NASA

Boxing update, the controversial Mares v. Agbeko fight will have a rematch

Sean Hannity out of lies?

Monopolies, slopolies. Beer Charts of the Day. And this is moment I thank Jimmy Carter for making maybe one of the best decisions by any recent president; having the foresight to allow home brewing leading to CRAFT BEERS!!!!


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