Thursday, August 11, 2011

Get Your Dunkin Thursday

I gotta get back on schedule. Since the lady's is in Chicago, I've been staying up way late. I'm a night person. She's a morning person. Now, that she's in Chicago I go into full night person mode. I stay up till the late hours watching movies, writing and reading. And sometimes I fix myself a martini. I gotta get that out of the schedule as well. In unrelated news, tonight I have my first rehearsal for a short film I was cast in. I'm looking forward to it. I get to play the lead and it's something I can relate to; the guy wants to propose to his girlfriend, but not everything goes as planned. Can't wait to share it once it's complete! (Yes that means a reveal...or not)

Here are your highlights:

Pelosi names her final three for the Super Duper Committee That Won't Do Anything

Tea Partier loves his big loans of money he can't payback

Thank you Kevin Drum for writing this, we have to do better.

London putting the pieces back together?

Redskins have two big injuries with no timeline, Landry & Moore

Colbert onto something

And finally Mitt Romney shows why he's not ready to be president, Corporations are people!! Sidenote: Does anyone else find the way Romney says "my friend" condescending? I mean the dude can't hide his contempt for working class Americans.


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