Thursday, August 4, 2011

Get Your Dunkin Thursday

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Yesterday went well, but I'm knocking on wood and saying some Hail Mary's. I don't know much about this town still, but I did my thang, that's all I can hope for. The lady is heading back to Chicago tomorrow for a week long corporate party/sales conference. I will be hunkered down eating ramen and pbj's writing a lot I presume. One fantastic thing about living here, aside from the weather, is the amount of creative energy flowing. I've been writing almost every other day and on a variety of things. I'm meeting with folks this weekend to share ideas, collaborate and hopefully get some of these projects going. Can't wait!

Here are your highlights:

The fallout from the debt "crisis" it encourages hostage taking politics

Mitt Romney hearts secret moneys

A glimmer of hope, Jobs report...need more of this LOTS more

New Multi-Racial Spidey!

Well there you hate, Iowa Governor vetoes tax break for poor because it didn't help corporations...WWJD?

Happy Birthday to President Barack Obama, it's been a tough year, best of luck and happy 50th!!!


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