Monday, August 29, 2011

Get Your Dunkin Monday

New week. Still no work. Waiting and waiting for the food truck to get off teh ground. The lady and I had a great weekend as you can see below, we hit up the beach. It was just what the doctor order. Apologies to my East Coast pals, I'm not meaning to brag. This week I'm writing, working out and filming on Thursday, can't wait! We've done three rehearsals now and I feel ready to shoot. One long 15 hour day and if everything goes to plan it'll be done. It's a short mind you. So you never know. How was everyone's weekend? Hopefully not too wet!

Here are your highlights:

Hurricane Irene, damages been done, now the clean up

Rick Perry, presidential candidate, thinks Social Security is Unconstitutional

Anderson Silva, GOAT?

Congrats to Adam Serwer who is moving on from the Prospect and heading to Mother Jones

Banksters are assholes, it's our fault not theirs....right

How far does Republican care for their fellow man go...not far at all. Even before Irene they were saying no federal aid without cuts. Will they really go that far, now that Irene has passed? I wish they would all go Galt and leave our country before they heartlessly wreck it.


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