Friday, August 26, 2011

Get Your Dunkin Friday

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Well East Coast folks it looks like Irene is pissed. A really pissed off hurricane and she's headed your way. So be safe. Be smart. Stock up on bottled water, maybe a life preserver if you have flooding, don't get milk it'll spoil and flashlights. Oh and if you're told to evacuate, evacuate. No heroes needed. Just get out of Irene's way. In all seriousness, I wish everyone the utmost safety and a healthy weekend. It's Friday, so I got not much on the plate. This weekend, we'll sit in the chillax zone. Hooray for weekends!!

Here are your highlights:

Track Irene and her path

Worst Person Ever? Eric Cantor won't help his constituents, at the epicenter of the earthquake, unless he gets to cut programs

Rookie Jarvis Jenkins, out for the season. Damnit.

Shark Fin ban approved by California Committee

The Fed, the economy. Ben our only hope? What Bernanke did say, was what a lot on the Left have been saying; jobs, stimulus, and the debt ceiling fight was stupid. This nugget, however should get the White House moving:

"Our economy is suffering today from an extraordinarily high level of long-term unemployment, with nearly half of the unemployed having been out of work for more than six months. Under these unusual circumstances, policies that promote a stronger recovery in the near term may serve longer-term objectives as well. In the short term, putting people back to work reduces the hardships inflicted by difficult economic times and helps ensure that our economy is producing at its full potential rather than leaving productive resources fallow. In the longer term, minimizing the duration of unemployment supports a healthy economy by avoiding some of the erosion of skills and loss of attachment to the labor force that is often associated with long-term unemployment."


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