Friday, August 12, 2011

Get Your Dunkin Friday

(this needs to go viral h/t Geekologie)

I had my first rehearsal last night for a new short film I'm going to be It's great to have time to work on character development, get chemistry with other cast members and improv around the script. It's going to be fun to shoot. My lady gets back to Santa Monica tomorrow, so I gots to clean like a mother. Enjoy your Friday ya'll!!

Here are your highlights:

Redskins - Steelers begin the preseason this is going to be fun!

Another idiot Republican Texas governor running for president

The downgrade some truths, GOP caused the unsettling

Laotian American serviceman killed in Afghanistan helicopter crash

GOP Indiana rep sets up gay meeting via Craigslist, doubt this will be dragged out like Weinergate...since it's state level...but really?

On the move, Obama is reaching out to people about jobs. Call Congress and get job creation on the table. What's sad is, we're limited by teh crazies in Congress!


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