Friday, May 6, 2011

LEAKED: Photos of Osama bin Laden Dead

Through my anonymous and various inside sources, I was able to obtain these deeply classified images of Osama bin Laden after he was killed. The photos have been verified through a Pakistani official who I met recently while watching a cricket match that lasted two whole days. I've left out said Pakistani official's name upon his request. Plus it's really difficult to spell (his name is Bob).

WARNING: These images are graphic and could lead to a queasy stomach, a case of the vapors or excessive vomiting. Consult a doctor before viewing said photos. If you have any heart or breathing issues, it's probably best you put down the gigantic 7-Eleven cup fused to your hand before viewing these photos. In other words there is a shit ton of blood.

A photo of Osama bin Laden moments after he was killed. After years of seclusion it is apparent he grew a righteous amount of facial hair.

A photo of Osama bin Laden minutes later after he was moved from part of the compound to another. You can see he was making a vulgar gesture towards the SEAL team.

A photo of Osama bin Laden moments before he was moved out of the compound. It appears he might have been holding drumsticks to use as weapons before being shot. (I could not determine why the clock was behind in this photo, but authenticity was confirmed)

These photos are for the explicit use of this site. Beware copies and or forgeries, especially if you're a member of Congress. There's a ton of ass hats out there with amateur photoshop skills.

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