Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Headslamondesk: The Asian Pick-Up Artist

Dear Asian Male Douchebag aka PUA,

Women are not trophies. They are not objects. They are not dolls or collectibles. You sir are an asshat, calling yourself a "pick-up artist" is NOT, I repeat NOT cool. It is only considered cool in the kind of circles that wear $40 tee shirts with a worn finish slaved over by child laborers and an ironic statement about boobs (it's funny cuz women have boobs and men like them and stuff). You are not helping Asian men gain respect or accomplish anything in America. What you are doing is reaffirming the idea that you are an insecure, weak individual who must overcompensate for your obviously glaring short-comings. Stop it. Stop now. And I'm talking to you J.T. Tran.


Meet J.T. Tran, "The Asian Playboy" and America's "#1 Dating Coach for Asian Men." He makes a cameo in Wesley Yang's New York magazine article about high-achieving Asian-American underdogs. As an aerospace engineer, J.T. spent his spare time studying from The Game pick-up artist Mystery. Soon, he became the Kumon math teacher of seduction.

There is a place for seminars meant to empower Asian American males, that argument can be made. How to perhaps conducts said seminars in a positive way is a worthy discussion to have amongst the community, this however is nothing, but embarrassing. It appeals to the lowest common denominator while degrading women to talk long glorified in locker rooms full of steroid fueled chest bumps and sunless tanner. You've just set us back. Thank you for nothing.



I am Frank Chow and I approved this message

*blogger messed up this post and this is what I remember the content being for the most part. If anyone can find the original let me know. FML


bigWOWO said...

Haha! This is great!

But you know the arguments their supporters are going to make: "Man, Frank, you're engaged, so you have no problems! You have no empathy for the rest of us!"

It's a crazy, self-perpetuating cycle. Guys who are sexist and unattractive pay money to remain sexist and unattractive.

Asian-American Pundit said...

LOL, yes being engaged means I can't comment on those many years I was single!

And sadly, you're exactly right. Just had to get it off my chest. It's a frustrating cycle of nonsense.