Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Get Your Dunkin Wednesday

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Last night was a celebratory Drinking Liberally and boy did I drink. The only downside to the entire night was the depressing loss by the Bulls to the Heat. Conclusion; everyone in the bar hates Lebron James. HATES! We're off to California on Saturday, I'm counting down the days. The place is cleaned up and down. Only thing left to do is drive the car to her folks which I'll be doing tomorrow. Hopefully the weather clears up because I hate driving in storms. At least this time the car is equipped with satellite radio and kick ass speakers. Boom baby!

Here are your highlights:

Democrats: We’ll Use NY-26 Medicare Formula Around The Country
, Congrats to Kathy Hogul!

Been a long time, Resolution of Regret for the Chinese Exclusion Act

Portis to the Giants?

Minnesota should be ashamed, hopefully the people send an "F You!" to their members

Compassionate conservatism. Cantor wants spending cuts in order to pay for Missouri tornado victims relief. He really said that. I mean I didn't make that up. He really is that big of an ass hat.


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