Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Get Your Dunkin Tuesday

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It's Tuesday and I spent most of my day yesterday cleaning our bathroom for the next tenant. I'm pretty sure I was high off of bleach...still am. I will probably attempt to conquer the kitchen next. Yup, I'm "Susie Homemaker" this week as the lady is working tirelessly and someone has to prep her place before we leave. It's crazy in four days we'll be on a plane to start the next big step in our lives. Last Drinking Liberally get together tonight, if anyone knows the guys out in LA send me an email. I'd like to continue my habitual rage.

Here are your highlights:

More on the tornado that devastated Missouri

Trekkies building Trekkie/er Resort?

Comical, Cantor wants Paul Ryan to run for the White House


How it works these days...Making Our Own Reality. Obama says something. Right-wing freaks out about what Obama didn't say. Press repeats right-wing freak out. Obama has now officially said what he didn't say. That or we really are an Idiocracy.


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