Thursday, May 26, 2011

Get Your Dunkin Thursday

Well, I'm on the road most of the day. I've got to drive the car to my lady's parent's place in Central Illinois then hop on a train back up to Chicago. Gonna be a long one. Last night we went to our favorite spot in town Blue 13 with our good friend Sterno. I arrived a little early to see what concoctions their General Manager/Beverage Director Dan might come up with for Ransom Old Tom Gin. Alas, they had run out the night before! (people are catching on, I must do something to keep precious mine) So instead I went with the Small's Gin, followed by Rogue and finished with some Hendricks. Each cocktail was unique and done just right. As for the food, you can't go wrong with lobster pizza, and a pork chop from the rock gods \m/. It was great to sit down, chat, enjoy some drinks, some fantastic food (we even got Sterno to try brussel sprouts and bacon) and to top the night off they played Manchester Orchestra. I'll miss this city, especially because of night's like that.

Here are your highlights:

Tornado death toll hits 125

Oh the fun we have to look forward to in Los Angeles - a Man's Castle

Senate Republicans on board to end Medicare, yes they're that extreme nowadays

And so it goes, Goodwin Liu withdraws his nomination. He still has a bright future, but a nice "F YOU GOP" is in order

Brad DeLong says it's "Time to Panic" the economy isn't turning fast enough. By the looks of unemployment numbers...he's right.


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