Thursday, May 19, 2011

Get Your Dunkin Thursday

I'm free!!!! Today is my first day of no longer working at the office, in fact any office. I'm filled with anxiety and great relief. For the past three years I've subjected myself to an unhealthy work environment and with our new journey on the horizon I decided to make Wednesday my last day. It's unbelievable. Today I'll be packing up our things, organizing our move and wrapping up loose ends here and there (maybe I'll get some cleaning in as well). The stuff goes on the truck in two days. All of this is happening so quickly I've barely had any time to reflect or enjoy the moments. I'm hoping once we land in Santa Monica, gather our things, and breath; the lady and I can celebrate not only our three year anniversary, but our new home and life.

Here are your highlights:

Moody's, S&P Warn U.S. Risks Triple-A Credit Rating If It Defaults On Debt -- Even Briefly

Why we are falling behind, College is now becoming too much of a financial burden

Putting the Art Back into Barista

Our media's first reaction to sex scandals, it's the woman's fault

Eyeing a very grand bargain, let's be honest Republicans aren't serious about teh deficit and their using unemployment as a political tactic to hopefully beat Obama in 2012. There will be no "grand bargain"

Fuck you Chuck Grassley. If this isn't red scare bullshit, then I don't know what is, Sen. Grassley Accuses Asian-American Judicial Nominee Of Holding ‘Communist’ Chinese Worldview. As I stated earlier, they will deny Goodwin Liu because he's not a model minority. Call your Senator today!


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