Monday, May 23, 2011

Get Your Dunkin Monday

It's all gone! Our stuff is gone! Saturday the movers came, they saw and they conquered our stack of stuff in less than three hours. If you ever plan on moving cross-country I highly recommend a national moving company. The efficiency was amazing. Saturday night we had a small get together of friends at Sheffield's. It was lovely just hanging out, drinking a few too many g & t's and seeing people before we head out to Santa Monica. This is our last week in Chicago. Late last night after visiting my cousins it finally hit me. It's all been moving so quickly I don't think I've allowed myself the chance to take it in. I'm gonna miss this city, but most of all I'm gonna miss my family in Chicago. This week I'm an errand boy. Oh and cleaning like a fool.

Here are your highlights:

An Ireland homecoming for Obama

Extreme weather, Missouri hit by tornado kills 89

"Our Country is in Big Trouble" yes, we are
especially when clowns like Tim Pawlenty are running for president

The Ryan Plan should have come with a fuckin bow & card

The President and 51st State, this is one of the better write ups I've read about our delicate relationship with Israel and the Middle East. I was taken back by how many self-proclaimed patriots had delusional fantasies that Netanyahu ripped Obama a new one. Even though Obama had said nothing that Netanyahu wasn't already aware of and had essentially played the moment safe. Is it me or do those on the Right think what's in Israel's best interest must be our default interest?


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