Monday, May 16, 2011

Get Your Dunkin Monday

Well shit Blogger, what happened? Not even an explanation, but my posts got messed up, lost one, only saved another and didn't post my "Santa Monica" one for a whole day. Awesome. So anyway, what was supposed to be uninterrupted sucky blogging became non-existent sucky blogging. Yes I was in LA for less than two days for a work trip. Yes our stuff goes on the moving truck on Saturday. We're only in Chicago for two more weeks and I think it finally hit us yesterday. Crazy. I can't wait, but we'll miss the hell out of this amazing town.

Here are your highlights:

The reign of Mayor Emanuel begins today

Success! The Shuttle Endeavor blasts off

Blackwater/XE evil mastermind is now in another country being just as evil

Piracy sends "Go the Fuck to Sleep" to #1 on Amazon

Can't stress this enough, there's yet to be a definitely serious candidate out of the Republican Party. Not one, no matter who the establishment media wants to exalt.


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