Friday, May 27, 2011

Get Your Dunkin Friday

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Tomorrow is the day! Let me first say I'm exhausted. The drive by my lonesome yesterday in the miserable weather was not fun. I enjoyed the car much more than previous rides, but holy hell country roads are a bitch. On top of that the train was packed. I keep forgetting it's Memorial Day weekend...probably a good thing. I digress, tomorrow we hop on a plane to move to California. It's been a long lead up to this life changing extravaganza, we're nervous, excited, pumped, ready and blessed. To you California peeps, I look forward to partaking in the sunshine, returning to my natural skin tone and SURF'S UP DUDE, let's get a drink or two after the lady and I get settled.

Here are your highlights:

They had 24 and technology are wonderful things, wish we could spend more money on these sorts of things.

More on the Real Michelle Rhee

Is Palin pulling a Trump?

How to raise your kids right! LEGO WALLS!

Major Tom to Message Control, Medicare is old & fat

When a party declares intellectual bankruptcy, Steve Benen describes the modern GOP's approach to job creation,"It’s as if someone bought an iPod, uploaded one song, and hit “shuffle.”" Gangsta.


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