Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Get Your Dunkin Wednesday


Oh Wednesday you're here! Halfway done with the week, relief! Last night was a fun and rambunctious Drinking Liberally. We talked. We drank. We drank some more. And we argued and acquiesced. All in all a good time. Don't forget to tune into the Matthew Filipowicz Show, yes it's a shameless plug since I'm a contributor, but also tune in because Matt rocks a solid mic. Today will be another work day from pffffffffft fml.

Here are your highlights:

Bulls finish the job. Blackhawks not so much. Valiant effort though valiant indeed.

Barack Obama handing out his birth certificate like lollipops to the press corps kiddies...sadly that won't satisfy the racist mob

Facts vs. Feelings
, more media fail

Bernanke to open up the vault doors! Not really, but a press conference is a good start

Forced to shut down looking for aliens *Le Sigh

Felix Salmon doing what he does best, Where does value lie in a restaurant meal? I'm not privy to all restaurant traditions nor do I think the best meals are necessarily the most expensive. Salmon in this extended post skewers and grills! (puns intended)


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