Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Get Your Dunkin Wednesday

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Well yesterday was fun. I was all over the place. I sold my car. HOORAY! But then I had to head over to an insurance company, followed by a long long trip to the DMV which was to no avail. Then gots my hair did. THEN I went to the doctor. I'm exhausted. The sad part is I have to do most of it all over again on Thursday. Yup, it never fails at the DMV. This weekend we're headed to my lady's parents place for Easter. It'll be nice to get away. What'd I miss yesterday? Anything happen? I feel so out of the loop.

Here are your highlights:

Emanuel searches for his top cop

Sign of the times, McDonald's overwhelmed by job seekers

Democrats attack GOP on's a start

BP Oil Spill One Year Later - Still not looking too hot

Redskins Schedule Released, now if only there were a season

The American electorate really is tough to understand. It's full of contradictions and it seems they are more misinformed than ever. With a media that's no help, it's no wonder Obama has the numbers he currently has...also too, he's out on the road again which means he's not doing enough to sell his plan (heavy on the snark).


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